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Well, this is probably long overdue...

Not that I have much to say. It has been a rather blah past couple of months. I blame the weather.

Although, can we talk about how wonderful the writers have apparently decided to be re: Teresa Lisbon? Where has this been for five years? I am absolutely adoring this new Lisbon taking her life back and doing things that make her feel good? Like spending time with a man who tells her she's beautiful and he wants to spend more time with her. Also, RT has been looking absolutely fabulous doing it. I continue to love her facial expressions. And yeah, my GLEE at Jane's vague sadness and passive-aggressive moping and attempts at support continues strong. As he realizes that he has been a bit of a moron. I feel sad for him, but mostly GLEE that this is happening. Seriously, my GLEE would be less if Jane hadn't been irritatingly smug and always right for the better part of six seasons. Just saying.

So yeah, I'm really enjoying the reboot. Wiley was adorable in the last episode, with his computer that announced the time. And Dennis Abbott is the director that Jane has always needed. I continue to really enjoy Abbott a lot. And his dynamic with Jane is kinda perfect.

You know who is being a bit weird? Fischer. Her fascination (and vague tone of judgement) re: Lisbon's love life is starting to get a bit werid. Yes, Lisbon is dating another FBI Agent, but one in a completely different division. It's not like she's dating Cho (which would be super-weird, btw). I guess it is just an obvious topic of gossip; it's just strange. Perhaps if the writers did a better job at giving Fischer a personality, which they seemed to have decided to stop doing after the first couple of episodes. IDK. It's very sad, because there was definite potential.

But mostly I am all about Jane sulking as Lisbon makes dates on the phone while standing two feet from him. It delights me. It's more than I ever thought I'd get. (I mean, I don't want it indefinitely, but for now it's pretty charming.)

But mostly, I am here for Lisbon's facial expressions. Let's be real.

Elementary also continues to be fun. I don't really have anything to say, because it's its usually high-quality self.

Otherwise, I'm fairly blah. Seriously, I think it's the weather. I found myself getting more and more irritated as the humidity rose in the office today. Because oh yeah, it was about 23 degrees this afternoon. CELSIUS. I was wearing a (light) sweater. Because I foolishly assumed that the temperature would be within ten degrees of yesterday's temperature. I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER IN OTTAWA. It was so stupidly hot and uncomfortable at work. I could feel my internal rage rising. Which I had to tamp down on because I had a four o'clock meeting. And obviously the air conditioning wasn't working. Since, y'know, last week heat was a necessity. There is a pile of snow in the parking lot across the street that is still more than a story high. And tomorrow it is supposed to snow/freeze rain. All I ask is a little consistency! OR AT THE VERY LEAST SUN. Because oh yeah, it also rained half the day. I know it's April in Ontario, and so thus literaly anything is fair game (I wouldn't bat an eye at a plague of frogs at this point). But I'm finding it hard to be philosophical about it right now. No wonder half the people I know are sick.

And yeah, part of it is just me. I have been reasonably disaffected lately. I vaguely want to do things. Read. Write fic. Run around aimlessly. Go shopping. I don't even know. Restless. I feel restless. Vaguely stir crazy inside my own brain. I feel like I'm constantly searching for mental distractions of some kind. I simultaneously want to do a million things, and nothing at all. Le sigh.

I need some kind of plan. I will think on that.

Seriously, I'm even somehow simultaneously sick of all of my music. My library books are piling up again. Because I'm just not reading any of them. I've started (and subsequently abandoned) rewatches of about three shows in the last week. I need discipline. Or something.

A vacation. I'm going to Wales and London. In a month and a half.

In the interim I will glare at the weather.

And giggle at TV shows.


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Apr. 17th, 2014 03:30 am (UTC)
Yes! That is what I have been doing too. I am considering it a minor accomplishment that I'm halfway through one of my library books. At least I seem to have broken the complete reading apathy. I'm hoping it settles once the weather does. IF IT EVER DOES.

I am getting excited about the trip too. I'm sure it will be excellent. HOPEFULLY.
Apr. 16th, 2014 07:05 am (UTC)
If you haven't been to London, its great. I lived there for a year while I did my Masters at Kings college and I loved it. I also traveled to Wales. It rained alot. Liked the castle in Cardiff.

I loved last week's Elementary. Very nice Sherlock-Watson moments and nice plot.

Enjoy your trip.
Apr. 17th, 2014 03:30 am (UTC)
I've never been to the UK. So I'm excited. Thanks.
Apr. 16th, 2014 07:58 pm (UTC)
Yes, Lisbon is dating another FBI Agent, but one in a completely different division. It's not like she's dating Cho (which would be super-weird, btw)

LOL. Yes, I think in that case my brain would explode. It would be really, really weird hahaha. But I get what you mean about that comment. It was fine when Rigsby casually tried fishing for information, but the fact that Fischer sounded a little judgmental annoyed me. Don't waste this Fischer/Lisbon potential, show.

Wiley is the greatest. I love that they've been including him more these past 2 eps.

I'm sorry you've been feeling restless. Such extreme shifts in the weather would get to me too. Though, I really can't complain since we seem to have skipped winter altogether this year. I think we only had 2 nights of actual frost and a little snow back in January and now it's been 16-20 degrees ever since the end of February. It's insane.

But yaaaay you're going to London?! I was just there last weekend for 3 days. FAVOURITE CITY. Of course, I'm biased, because I lived there for a semester during my final year of uni but HEE. I love London. Never been to Wales (although it's high on my neverending travel list) but I hope you'll have an awesome time!!
Apr. 17th, 2014 03:37 am (UTC)
There was definitely judgement from Fischer. And her interest in Lisbon's love life at this point *only* makes sense in the context of Jane. Because it is somewhat relevant if Lisbon and Jane are a couple. And Rigsby can pry a little because he is Rigsby and he's known them longer. Also, why isn't Fischer vaguely judgemental of Pike too at this point? It was a weird scene. I know it was a set-up for Cho's awesome one-liner, but it wasn't a good one.

Wiley is adorable. He was better last ep. This ep, for me, he was all about setting up Abbot's moment of, "Agent Wiley... Just keep telling us what time it is."

Two nights of actual frost? That was not my experience. It was literally -20 for three months here. Coldest winter on record in thirty years. And we didn't have a bad one, comparatively. Because we are at least used to it. The worst part was when it would randomly go up to 5 for a few hours, before the temperature plummeted again. And then all the sidewalks were covered with three inches of ice for a month. I just, I do not tolerate the swings well. I am fine if it decides to be 25 in April. I am fine if it decides to be -5 (though we are getting perilously close to the "white Easter" we were semi-joking about a month ago). I object to both at once.

At least I am spared the flooding. Which is happening nearby.

I am going to London. For four days. I have never been. I'm sure Wales will be good. We are staying in a little cottage near a town full of bookstores. And going to listen to Stephen Fry talk about love in Shakespeare. SO.
Apr. 23rd, 2014 08:47 am (UTC)
Here via the patrick_teresa comm, and am delighted/surpised to discover that the UK is so close to the US airing dates of The Mentalist. I do share your glee about what's happening with Lisbon (finally).
Apr. 25th, 2014 05:00 am (UTC)
Yeah, I just wish they'd bothered to start some of this stuff with Lisbon years ago, tbh. Because it's about time.
Apr. 25th, 2014 01:36 am (UTC)
You're who I come to when I catch up on The Mentalist, haha. So here I am again! Sorry? :)

I'm not sure how I feel about the reboot overall. Mostly I like it. I really liked the art dealer episode too. A few of the others were kind of... nothing special, and some were even blah. :/ I think I'm not used to the different dynamic and lack of Rigsby and Van Pelt yet. A matter of time probably. It feels like maybe they don't know how to have Fischer and Lisbon being different people existing at the same time, so the art episode was nice in that respect. I wasn't immediately super happy about Lisbon's boyfriend, I admit, but Jane's processing is kind of satisfying to see, and I like seeing her happy, finally. To have a life outside work. I don't want her to go to DC, but it's nice that she's getting to have good things and I wouldn't want her to give it up to wait around for Jane forever, you know? Silly boy. I wouldn't want this to be It but like... Jane is going nowhere fast. :/ He does tell her she's beautiful, but it's kind of... impotently, I guess? Like, you wouldn't know if there's anything behind it. Anyway. Robin Tunney continues to make great faces. :)
Apr. 25th, 2014 05:04 am (UTC)
I like the reboot a lot. I would have prefered if they'd just fixed the show in its earlier context. I miss the CBI.

I really enjoy Abbot and Wiley. I enjoyed Fischer in her first couple of episodes, but I do think the character has been bungled. And totally agree that the show doesn't seem to know how to differentiate her from Lisbon. The way to do that wasn't to have Fischer spend a lot of time with Jane in her first few eps, either. That was super problematic.

I really wish they'd done the Lisbon's boyfriend storyline earlier. I'm enjoying how they're doing it, but it's starting to feel rushed (for logistical reasons, I supsect). I can only assume Lisbon's not actually going to go to DC. I find that method of (probably) getting rid of the boyfriend a bit annoying. Just because it requires the relationship getting really serious, ridiculously fast. And I'm not sure I want to watch Lisbon and the boyfriend for much longer. A few episodes is charming. Too long, and I might not enjoy it so much.

I'm really enjoying Jane's reactions though. Like he's realized he screwed this up. It pleases me.

And I obviously alwyays enjoy Robin Tunney's faces. To the extent that I am sad when she hasn't been in a scene in a while.
Apr. 25th, 2014 11:48 am (UTC)
When Fischer asked what Jane's type was and Lisbon was like UM IDK I remember noticing it really highlighted their similarities, to me at least? Idk if that's what they were going for or if it was obvious anyway, which it kind of was, but anyway. Watching everything after the hiatus in one go, I can't realllly differentiate when this happened chronologically, but it seemed to further them not knowing how to have them both in a scene without taking away from each other in a way that didn't really happen with Grace. Blerg. It was like for a while she was going to be the new Lisbon (pfft) and then she just stopped... all these little things make me kind of question the reboot. If it was really smooth... but it's not. :/

I'm really enjoying Jane's reactions though. Like he's realized he screwed this up. It pleases me. Heeee yes this. You express it much better than I do, heheheh. I also like HOW he's expressing this little "oh shit" moment, like he's clearly a little flustered, but still seeming happy for her and making her life easier. It's the only acceptable response, and it's what can lead to the female being like "oh well this is never going to happen" and riding off into the late afternoon, but if he was all petty or teased her too much it would be unacceptable. But I kind of wish they'd talked when she went downstairs and put the blanket over him, or something. Something and then when she first tried to say no to whatever-his-name, and looked a little to the left, it would be because some tiny thing had been sparked into a maybe. Or if not, this really should have happened earlier as a slow build. Like, it was a bit late. It couldn't have been too early because she needed time to get her groove back but depending how this resolves it risks feeling messy. But there is the conceivable potential, if this were the real world at least, for her to say yes, because afaik she doesn't really have anything in Austin (is that even where they are?) besides Jane and Cho and her job, and Jane isn't making a compelling case and the FBI is everywhere.
May. 12th, 2014 03:47 am (UTC)
Sorry, I got super behind on my LJ comments and such.

I think making Lisbon and Fischer similar to a point is deliberate. And I think it's part of the reason they'd make good friends. But there is a section where they were definitely almost interchangeable. I actually thought they did a really good job with both characters for the first couple of episodes of the reboot. It was the next couple that were rockier, for me.

I'm kind of annoyed by how they're dealing with the Lisbon/Jane at the moment, to be honest. And by kind of annoyed, I mean really annoyed. I understand why, to a point, but I think they've made D.C. a bit too perfect-sounding. And I think the Pike thing has been an episode too long. Also, the number of times Lisbon and Jane have gotten interrupted at the start of a conversation is ridiculous.
May. 27th, 2014 02:03 am (UTC)
I put off replying to this until I couldn't be spoiled by your second/third para, so now I'll go see what you thought of the end, :)
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