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Let's talk about the Mentliast, shall we. I am in the odd position (for me, for this show), of really loving the underlying and overarching narrative, but not being absolutely 100% on some of the details.

To start, let me just state that I absolutely adore the ending. I also absolutely adore the declaration itself. I adore that the show went there. I love that the show essentially went, "Yeah, okay. The fans may have been right on this one. J/L really should be endgame." They even poked fun at previous statements made by the show-runner about the status of the J/L relationship.

I adore the overarching story that centres around these two. That they found each other. That after Jane finished iwth his revenge quest (and the less said about how *that* was resolved, the better), he worked through it, and figured out what was left, and what was really important. And the what, or rather the who, was Lisbon. What the reboot has done very consistently, and very well, is demonstrate that Jane absolutely adores Lisbon; he loves being in her company. He considers her his partner. She is the one person he doesn't want to live without. He's just terrified of admitting it.

But he also made some assumptions in isolation on his island. And she constantly throws his assumptions back at him when he's back in her life And he tries to be better.

Then comes Pike. Because Lisbon is trying to take back her life, and figure out what she wants. And Jane is certainly not sending out any clear signals. Pike is basically a good guy (I mean, he's passive-agressively manipulative in some ways, with his insane pushing of Lisbon to move to D.C., culminating in that terrible, terrible marriage proposal - a lot of that can be explained away by him being super into Lisbon, but not quite all of it). The key point is, Jane was not expecting there to be a Pike.

I love that Pike exists. I love that Lisbon got a life outside of Jane. I lovet hat Jane realized that unless he gave a little, he wasn't going to get what he wanted. That he had to essentially relearn how to start a real relationship. I love that idea. And I love that she was the one who forced him to confront that idea. That she forced him to recognize that he couldn't *always* expect her to be the one to bend. That he doesn't have RJ to essentially hide behind anymore, or to excuse his more insane behaviour.

I love that Lisbon yells at him for his manipulation. And the constant manipulation is what almost breaks them apart. Because Jane screwed up. Badly. And he needed to be told that. He still needs to be told that. He will probably always need to be reminded that he can be the world's biggest jerk from time to time. I love that Lisbon is doing that more and more. I love that she decides, you know what, I'm not going to wait for him to get his act together. I'm going to try to be happy. If he wants this, he can act. He can bend. He can tell me how he feels. I'm sick of limbo.

I even love that Janee seriously had to have his back pushed up against a wall to act. He had to realize that he was a hair's breath away from losing what was most important to him.

And I really like that in the end, all he did was put the information out there, and let her choose. There was no pressure. One of my favourite things about that last scene on the plane, the declaration, is when Lisbon tells him he's too late, and he's all, "Yeah, maybe. But I need to say it anyway." I mean, obviously he wants her to stay. But I think a lot of it is just neading to tell her. I love that. A lot.

I also adore the actual words. Every one. Every word he said to her on the plane was fabulous. I love how he's out of control. I love how he's emotional. I love how much it obviously means.

And I REALLY LOVE: "The woman in 12B, I love her. You take good care of her." Oh, show, my show. SHOW, MY SHOW. As romantic declarations go, that one is aces.

Then she stays. And she goes to see him in custody. As she always does. And she asks him if he meant it. And he doesn't side-step. He doesn't side-step at all. And when she asks him to say it again, and he tries to play her (because it's Jane, let's face it), she just gives this little eyebrow raise of, "OH NO SIR, THAT IS NEVER GOING TO WORK AGAIN. BECAUSE I CLEARLY OWN YOU." And he kisses her. Which, yes. (And his FACE right before he does it.)

And they both can't stop smiling in that whole scene. And RT's voice in that scene is fabulous. I love when her voice goes into those soft tones.

Also, ABBOT. OH ABBOT. Honestly, had you told me in the finale RJ episode that Denis Abbot woud become my favourite character of the reboot, I would have laughed in your face. But he is amazing. And he gets more amazing every episode. I choose to believe that he was a stand in for the audience in this episode in particular. When he's talking to Cho, and Cho is all, "I do not understand why she's so upset." ABBOT, and ABBOT's FACE. I love how Abbot just starts drinking wine, and is all, "SRSLY? SRSLY? Between you, Jane, and the lovebirds, how the HELL did Lisbon manage to keep her sanity at the CBI? MUST ASK HER AT SOME POINT (BECAUSE SURELY Jane will be smart enough to fix this and she will be staying). MOAR WINE." And then later Cho's all, "But I thought they were like brother and sister." HEH. Way to poke fun at yourself there Bruno Heller. I approve.

I love how Abbot clearly ships J/L. In fact, I'm chosing to believe that in the previous episode, his weird remarks to Lisbon about how he'd "hate to see her jeopardize her amazing opportunity," in the weird tone of voice, was to make her question, not only where she stands with Jane, but just how great that opportunity really was. Given that Pike essentially engineered it. Seriously, it makes the most sense, given Abbot's other actions.

And then, when Abbot runs in to save the day, and finds out Jane really is just that stupid, and Lisbon's at the airport, he just hands Jane his car keys. To his car with a siren. HEE. AMAZING.

Abbot is the best.

I also kind of like this slight shift in how to interpret Cho's character. So, he's really analytical, and really cause and effect. That's obvious. And he picks up on a lot of interpersonal cues, particularly if they're blatant (Rigsby and VP, for example). But he also takes a lot of other inter-personal interactions entirely at face value. He's seen no evidence of obvious romantic intent beween J/L, so obviously their love is sibling-esque. And neither of them has shown much inclination for relationships, supporting his conclusion. Also, I've been thinking about this, and let's remember, J/L are alone for a lot of the bigger moments between them. "I'll always be there to save you, Lisbon." "Good luck Teresa. Love you." Lisbon with the bomb. Lisbon taking Jane to his house to get his memory back. Lisbon and Jane on the beach. Even a lot of Jane with amnesia, or Jane under the influence of hallucinogens. They're alone. Now obviously, Rigsby and VP made the correct conclusion, but they're both romantics (in slightly different ways, but still). Cho really isn't. And in hindsight, I don't think he always gets the subtleties of how people are feeling when they don't say it. It actually, in a weird way, makes me feel better about his actions in Blood In, Stupidity Out (aka my least favourite Mentalist episode). He doesn't get why what he's doing is wrong. Because he's all about cause and effect. He's catching a killer. Lisbon should appreciate that. And she ALWAYS deals with the political stuff. Why should this be any different? It kinda works. (And it adds credence to my headcanon that Abbot is starting to figure out just how much Lisbon was doing to wrangle that team.)

The finale was a lot of amazing. Never getting over that it's a relief for Jane to finally say that he loves her and not take it back. I love that he breaks the law to do it (oddly appropriate). I love that their first kiss is while Jane is in custody, because OF COUSE IT IS. I love the little smiles and eyebrow raises. Favourite of favourites. I love Jane's FACE when she walks down the stairs in that dress. (Had to pause the episode for five minutes after that, for composre reasons.) I love that Jane's (idiotic, manipulative, and over-complicated) romantic scheme gets thwarted. But I love how he goes overboard with the charming romantic offensive, even if it's misguided. I love how they try to be cheerful and friendly for their last case. I love how cute they are in their banter. I love that Lisbon yells at him and throws water in his face (though a punch in the nose would have been the coup de grace). I am still all smiley about that ending.

Let me say, I have been watching this show for six year. I started watching from the pilot. I fell absolutely in love with the show in 1.02. I've stuck with it through it's highs and lows. And my frustrations with S2 and S4. This is a million times more than I ever thought I'd get (honestly, I was hoping for both of them alive, not in jail, and not married to other people). I love that it only happened because Baker and Tunney have amazing chemistry.

But I still might quibble with a few things, mostly to do with the details of the arc as a whole.
1. The fight. I love that it happened. I really do. I just wish it had happened in hte episode before this one. Mostly because I wouldn't have minded if they'd been on slightly better terms for the finale. I don't know, I didn't want them working their "last" case, mad at each other. I get that narratively it was needed to get Jane in gear, but it's not how I would have gone (more on this later).

2. The Pike arc-quibble. I still feel like it went a step too far. I think it was one episode too long. There was a lot of Pike. And I'm still not sure I wanted Lisbon to decide to go to D.C. If they were going to go the fight route, I could see that prompting the decision to leave (in the same way that it prompts her decision to accept Pike's proposal), but I'm still not wild about her choosing to transfer out. Simply because now I'm sitting here thinking about the practicalities. Did she ship furniture? (although knowing Pike, he probably picked out all new stuff. Things she'd like) Did she cancel her lease? Can she just cancel a job transfer? (I mean, obviously Abbott wants to keep her, but....). I do think this episode and the last one put Jane and Pike in more direct competition. And Pike's reaction to Lisbon's accepting his proposal brought that to light. He reacted like he'd "won." Which I wasn't wild about. My headcanon for Pike, by the way, is that he pushed her so much, because he knew she was in love with Jane and wanted to secure her. Which is kinda blegh. I dislike stpid!Pike a lot after that proposal.

3. I really don't like public declarations. With few exceptions. This wasn't one of them.

4. Even apart from the public declaration part, the location was SO cliched. Did it have to be on a plane? REALLY? Because honestly, there's no separating that from the "I got off the plane," a la the Friends finale. Did the decision have to be that last second? This goes back to, did Jane have to be pushed into this *that* much. It required Herculean amounts of denial from him. I think I would have preferred the arc if the triggers had just been a little subtler.

5. I wish we'd gotten more than two minutes of them happy together. This is somewhat mitigated by the magical 7th season, but still. I wish the pacing of this arc had been different. If Pike had been condensed half an episode or a whole episode, and maybe the fight was in the previous episode, or at the start of this one. And if the actual resolution had been a bit subtler.

I mean, don't get me wrong, these are quibbles. I mostly love it. I love the story arc. I love the endpoint. I love Abbot. I love the kiss (god, his face before he kisses her). I love her smiles. I love the emotion from both of them. I even love clueless!Cho. It's just not how I would have chosen to get to this endpoint. Not entirely.


The woman in 12B, I love her. You take good care of her.

In other news, I watched "It's About Time" this weekend with my parents. It's a movie about a guy who can travel through time. Among other things, it's a love story. It ha narrative isses. Mostly, I just think it's all over the place, and there was no real central narrative thread. My mother thought that it was probably just impossible to tell a good love story involving time travel. "Because people like things that are realistic." My head exploded a little. And my brain started yelling, "To say Nothing of the Dog!" Over and over again. Best love story involving time travel ever.

I was too tired to have the argument then, but that is the sort of thing that just makes me a bit sad.

This may be my last update pre-vacation. So I shall see you in a couple of weeks, or so.


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May. 21st, 2014 06:47 am (UTC)
I think Abbott has been a great surprise for us all; not only shipper-wise (because he does ship them together, I do have to believe it)but as character in general; when he was first introduced in the "old world", he seemed a man bent on command and himself, but with the rpogression of the show I think we got that many of the things he does, he does them because he has to, has been ordered to, because he has a big heart and, a bit like Lisbon liked to say "Jane closes cases", so bending here and there isn't that strange; BUT he is a willing participant in Jane's schemes, and seems to have a lot of fun with him.
Besides,excuse me. how can you not love a grown-up man who is still sentiimental about Voltron and his childhood memories, uh?
8makes me wonder how old Abbott in the show actually is. Because I used to watch Voltron in the middle of the eighties.and, all right, I was only a little kid back then, an extremely precocious kid, shows-wise, but he couldn't have been more thana pre-teen, I guess.
I had forgotten about "friends" when I looked at the declaration; gotta say, my mind went, instead, to the alternate edning of The Proposal... which isn't really like that, but he can't stop the plane, but he gets to declare his love to her through the radio, so...yeah.
May. 22nd, 2014 03:37 am (UTC)
Abbot is pretty excellent, though I hadn't really thought about his age. I suspect pre-teen in the eighties is right, because that would make him in his forties.

Whatever it makes you think of, running to a plane is a cliched ending. That was my point. It's not a bad ending, obviously. Mostly it just wouldn't have been my first choice, much as I enjoyed it.
May. 21st, 2014 01:31 pm (UTC)
I just watched it last night & loved it! Then was worried cause everyone said it was the last season. (The jerks!)

I think the reason it took so much to push Jane is because the last person he loved he got killed and took what? 10 years? to avenge her death? He came to rely on Lisbon to always be there with him & to possibly change their relationship had to scare the hell out of him. What would he do if she didn't return his feelings & left because of that? What would he do then?
May. 22nd, 2014 03:39 am (UTC)
People were assuming it was the last season. Renewal was a srprise. It's a midseason renewal, for example.

I understand the logic of the reasoning for pushing Jane (and I think you're absolutely right about the reasoning). I just wish the push had been slightly different. Like I said, I love the overall story, but I'm not sure all of the details are 100% my favourite. It's mostly nitpicky.
May. 21st, 2014 05:05 pm (UTC)
All right, I've heard of Connie Willis enough time that I'm going to try it! To Say Nothing of the Dog is the second in a series according to GoodReads, should I read #1 first or is it only loosely-connected? Because I love time travel a looot.
May. 22nd, 2014 03:41 am (UTC)

So, I was told to read To Say Nothing of the Dog first. I still have yet to read Doomsday Book (though I'm going to). It's very loosely connected, in that it is a prequel, and it's the same world. But the main characters aren't the same, just the mechanism of time travel. The tone of all the books are different. To Say Nothing of the Dog is delightful and light and charming. Doomsday book is much more serious, apparently. So, I would start with To Say Nothing of the Dog. I really, eally love it.

But I haven't read the others.
May. 22nd, 2014 08:17 pm (UTC)

I am still not over the fact that this actually happened. NEVER OVER IT. But yes, I agree with a lot of what you said. I am also not a fan of public declarations. Ever. But I loved the speech itself SO much, that I am willing to look past that. Also, they did acknowledge that that was a little embarrassing (for Lisbon) so I was mostly mollified. You also got to appreciate the fact that he just shouts that he loves her for everyone to hear. And this is Jane we're talking about.

But yes, the speech itself, omg. I love everything about that. Everything. But I agree that my favourite part is when she says it's too late and he goes: "I understand. And that's okay, but I needed to get to this. You deserve to hear it." KILL ME NOW. (Lovely contrast with Pike here, too. Jane is leaving this decision entirely up to her, he really just feels she deserved to know that he loves her. GOD.) I'm not even going to talk about the kiss. I am not coherent when it comes to the kiss.

The moment when Lisbon accepts his proposal and Pike does this YES! with a fistpump, is also my least favourite moment of the ep. Just, ugh. I liked you, Pike. But was that really necessary? I already disliked him after that stupid proposal, but him acting like he'd won a competition was just too much. Goodbye.

ABBOTT. The greatest. And then he yells "Good luck!" as Jane runs off with his keys. I CAN'T. I like how he represents the ship side of the fandom, and Cho represents the clueless casual viewers and/or the people in denial (even if I would have pegged Cho to have caught on at some point; but I liked your explanation for it.) FABULOUS.

And now we get a season 7. Which I still can't believe. GIVE ME ALL THE DOMESTIC SCENES, PLEASE.

Meh, About Time. I didn't like that movie very much either. I haven't read To Say Nothing of the Dog, but I love The Time Traveler's Wife, which is one of my favourite love stories involving time travel (coincidentally, this was turned into a movie and also starred Rachel McAdams). So I definitely think it's possible, but About Time just wasn't very good.

Have a GREAT vacation!! :)

Edited at 2014-05-22 08:21 pm (UTC)
May. 22nd, 2014 11:27 pm (UTC)
Killing time before heading to the airport...

Oh, I'm not upset about my quibbles. It's not that anything was bad. It's just not how I would have done it.

And really, even if I *was* super upset about my quibbles, the kiss would have made up for it. Let's be real.

Abbott is the number one shipper. He is practically leading the charge at this point, which, YAY. OH ABBOTT. And at least Cho is consistently clueless. It's not what I would have expected either, but at least it's not inconsistent. Which is something.


About Time wasn't *bad*. It just wasn't good. You should read To Say Nothing of the Dog though. YOU SHOULD. It is super delightful. I haven't read the Time Traveler's Wife, mostly because having heard the specific premise, I think it would annoy me. (And yeah, Rahcel McAdams seems to like time travel stories... interesting...)

Still trying to figure out just how early I want to get to the airport...
May. 26th, 2014 07:06 pm (UTC)
Oh no, there was definitely nothing bad. And it surprises me how much I loved the whole plane thing, public declaration and everything. Which...has never happened before. THIS SHOW THOUGH.

A week has now passed and I am still not over any of it. Nowhere near, in fact. I've rewatched that kiss like 20 times at this point. Ahem.


Just...I really, really want all the domestic scenes. Yes.

I will add the Connie Willis book to my to-read list! And yeah, figuring out when to go to the airport is a pain. Because what if ALL the unforeseen scenarios happen and you still end up being late? In any case, you're probably on my side of the globe by now, so I hope you're having a good time!
May. 27th, 2014 06:43 pm (UTC)
Oh, I'm definitely still stupidly happy about it too. The only reason that I haven't watched it many, many times has to do with my crazy week last week.

I am happy to get domestic scenes! Cooking! I want Jane cooking for Lisbon (or them cooking together). I do.


That is exactly why I was at the airport stupidly early. I planned for worst case scenario, and then everything went as smoothly as it possibly could have and I had over two hours to kill. At least I wasn't late. And yes, I am indeed on your side of the world. Crickhowell, Wales to be exact. So far it's fun times!

And yay Connie Willis! Now I want to reread that book...
May. 27th, 2014 08:49 pm (UTC)
I am still in a "SCREW EVERYTHING, MY OTP IS CANON" frame of mind. It's becoming problematic.

Yes, cooking!! I want Jane cooking for Lisbon too. Breakfast! Dinner! I want it now.

I also want Jane napping on his couch - as he always is - and Lisbon walking up to him at the end of the day to nudge him and say "Let's go home."

HOME, ANDREE. HOME. Even the notion. I can't.

Good, I'm pleased Wales is fun! I also sincerely hope it's less of a rainfest up there than it is here.
May. 27th, 2014 02:25 am (UTC)
ABBOTT!!!!!!!!!! THE KEYS!!!! Excellent. Excellent. Like, his little way of being like, "WELL OF COURSE!" and just handing them over. And the "guidance" thing and Jane just runs away, hahaha. AHHH AMAZING.

12B; I love that too. The whole thing though, I mean, it was definitely time and I'm really glad it happened, but I'm in kind of a weird place with them where they're obviously in love but I feel weird about it being so overt and particularly with seeing it? There are some parallels with how I was with Castle, even though I shipped them a lot more actively than I do Jane and Lisbon. For awhile I didn't read any Castle fic at all bc the show was ~enough for me, but when I started reading fic and when there would sometimes be a sex interlude in it, I had to look away, lol. I was uncomfortable seeing them in that frame; idk whether it was because they were in such a professional context or what, but anyway. That changed by the time they got together and that summer I read a bajillion fics, but with Jane and Lisbon I'm still in the place where them talking about love out loud and being physical is weird for me. BUT THEY ARE SO CUTE. I didn't know S7 had been confirmed so I was glad if it was going to end, at least it finally happened. S7 will be interesting for me but I'm looking forward to it. If Lisbon had gone, wtf would the show even be??

The airport/airplane thing does feel overdone, but I loved that it was an outdoor boarding instead of inside. Omitting the yelling down the jetway thing was was different enough to overcome the cliche a bit. And that they lamp-shaded it a bit (I think that's right?) with the woman next to Lisbon, and Lisbon's embarrassment of course, like, HEY THIS OCCURRENCE IS OUT OF THE ORDINARY AND IT'S OKAY TO BE EMBARRASSED BY SUCH THINGS, or to want them, or to think you want it until it happens and it's embarrassing? Like, I really like that Lisbon was allowed to be mortified because I would be way mortified. Those little touches were enough to make me mostly okay with it. And hahaha Abbott saying that the TSA does not like people messing with their airplanes. Who knew Abbott would get so great??? Even though I forgot which way to spell his name.

Edited at 2014-05-27 02:32 am (UTC)
Jun. 18th, 2014 02:35 am (UTC)
Horribly behind on LJ comments...

But yes, ABBOTT. He will always be awesome after that. Abbot is the director Jane always needed. So great.

I know what you mind about actually seeing them happy being a bit weird, but honestly, I'm thrilled. I just think it was fairly charming. However, it will need to be written well. And I don't want it to take over the show. I just now want moments of charming between them. S7 was confirmed recently as a midseason replacement. There are 13 episodes planned (I think). I just want them being charming and domestic a little. That is all.

If Lisbon had left the show, I would have gone with her, because NO. Not dealing with that.

I did like Lisbon being mortified. And I loved part of the scene at the airport. I just, I will always be vaguely disappointed that it got that far, even if I did like the actual scene. IF they were going to do it that way, it was done well, I just wish they hadn't done it that way. It's weird.
Jun. 6th, 2014 05:10 pm (UTC)
Great post! First, it allowed me to wallow :) Secondly, I like your take on things like Cho's cluelessness, Abbott as the voice of the shippers/his behaviour in the penultimate episode, they clarified some things for me. Thirdly, yes there were quibbles, it wasn't flawless, but there was so much to make us really happy. Like you, I loved what he said and that she'd drawn the line where he had to tell her how he felt.

And now there is more, and I want to see all the domesticity suggestions in the comments.

One last thing, I don't think I realised Heller was quite so 'no ship here, it's all platonic'. I wonder when he changed his mind/caved.
Jun. 18th, 2014 02:38 am (UTC)
Thanks! I did really love the episode, I just wouldn't have written it that way, I guess. I now demand domesticity.

At the start of the series, Heller was definitely playing the: "Theirs is a sibling relationship" pretty consistently. And apparently in the original character descriptions, Lisbon was significantly older. It apparently wasn't supposed to be romantic at all. (And then they cast Robin Tunney.)
Jun. 23rd, 2014 06:51 am (UTC)
Ah, I started watching the show properly in season 2 and I'd read Lisbon/Jane before that, so I was biased! I didn't realise that Lisbon was meant to be older, altough that makes sense, but however much I am pro casting older actresses in principle, I can't imagine anyone other than Tunney playing the part.
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