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The Mentalist Finale

I know I haven't posted here in a while. I've been using Tumblr more lately, and trying to figure out LJ's place in my life. Because I really do prefer the LJ format for most things. It's so much better for conversation. So much better. (If you are looking for me on Tumblr, it's hardly-loquacious.)

But it seemed wrong not to cross-post this here.

Because this place has been important to me for most of my Mentalist fandom life. So here we go...

The Mentalist Tonight:

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I've found another webseries to be obsessed with...

So it turns out I am going to talk about this today. Because Nothing Much To Do (modernized Much Ado About Nothing webseries set in a New Zealand high school - yeah, that exists) posed the new episode earlier today. And obviously I watched it immediately.

So, I feel there are essentially five key scenes you need to nail in that play. And three are particularly important. They are, in no particular order 1. the eavesdropping scenes (and associated soliloquys), 2. the scene where Beatrice and Benedick meet again/snark at each other (seriously, it sets the tone for how the adaptation is going to deal with the relationship) and 3. the immediate aftermath of Claudio's accusations (the actual accusations need to be done well, obviously, but it's the immediate aftermath that's the heart of the play). I mostly love it beyond all reason. But I feel like I have an issue with how they’re dealing with the immediate aftermath of Claudio’s accusations.

The other two key scenes are the ending/proposal (obviously) and the snarky scenes at the masked ball/party. They're important, but less so. All the other stuff is important plot-wise, and a lot of the other scenes can be very charming, but I've always felt the above is the heart of the play.

SO, this brings me to Nothing Much to Do. How are they doing so far? The scenes where the Bea/Ben relationship is introduced and established have been well done. They haven't had the same weight as the one single scene in the play, because I feel like elements of that scene have been iterspersed in the adaptation. Still, it works. They have more room to work with in the video-diary format, and it is trickier to film Bea and Ben in scenes together sometimes, so the way they do it works. The tone of the relationship is really well established, and they manage to do something really clever to compensate for potential issues with the webseries format. The eavesdropping scenes have been amazing. Easily the best part of the adaptation (if you like the play at all, they're worth watching). And lastly, where we got to today... the aftermath of Claudio's accusations.

And here I'm less happy. Because:
1. They let too much time pass in-universe between the videos and Beatrice’s reaction is too subdued (though I have hopes for the next video).

2. (and the major issue) I’m not sure how they chose to deal with Leo (a.k.a. Leonato’s) reaction to the accusations doesn’t entirely work in a modernization. [Spoiler (click to open)]I just can’t believe that a doting big brother wouldn’t question that type of accusation against his younger sister, who up until this point has been practically perfect. It’s not like he and Claudio are even best buddies in this. It just felt off.

Kinda wish they’d dropped Leo’s reaction, tbh. It’s not crucial to the plot. They could have gotten away with it. Especially if they had instead just had him go right to defensive (as I feel most big brother's would have). Because this is just weird.

Still really want to see the next episode. Now.

Yeah, this is becoming a problem
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A second post this month! I know you're all impressed.

My updates are many and varied.

Okay, they're not, but we can all pretend.

First, watched the S3 finale of Sherlock. Collapse )

In other news, I've decided to start re-watching Stargate SG-1. Well, re-watching and hopefully finally completing. Because I still haven't scene much after the start of season 8. I'd fogotten how much fun that show could be. And interestingly, it may be one of the few shows where the first season isn't my favourite (it's either three or four, I think). I tend to love first seasons. I think I tend to like watching things get set up.

Have re-blogged one thing on Tumblr. Still not entirely sure about it, but I'm going to give it a go.

And I really wish tomorrow wasn't Monday...

This has been a post.
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I don't even want to know how long it's been since I've posted here...

It's at least three months though, because it's before Wales (and London)

And Newfoundland.

(I may have gone on all the trips this spring/summer.)

The trips were fun. I saw puffins. And Stephen Fry. And many other things besides.

I feel like I'm falling out of fandom/internet things. Except for GoodReads. GoodReads and I are likethis.

Well, that and the Pick for Me Book Club. Which is super fun.

But otherwise, I feel like I'm not consistently consuming enough media to... fit in. I mean, I watch some things, but I sort of start and then get distracted. It's ridiculous. The number of things I've been meaing to watch/catch up on over the past years is getting frankly, daunting.

I haven't even written fic in months, and I'm starting to miss it.

I think I'm just uninspired in general.

I may push myself to finish a few old Mentalist WIPs this week. Although, I said that at the end of last week and nothing got written.

And work is stressful at the moment. Blah.

I did bite the bullet and set up a Tumblr account. That was a step. One small problem though: I really don't understand Tumblr. I have started following a couple of things. But really, are just supposed to randomly/sneakily follow people/blogs? Is that how this is supposed to work? I am REALLY supposed to randomly search around, all, "This person seems to blog pretty gifs. I SHALL FOLLOW THEM." Because I can see myself being really bad at that. By which I mean, I will feel stupidly awkward, and never ever follow another person.

Or post anything, because I don't make graphics.

So, really, the experiment's been a success so far. That said, it's only been a week.

On the other hand, I did finally get around to watching some of Sherlock S3 (I KNOW I AM BEHIND. I KNOW S4 HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED. BABY STEPS, OKAY?). I watched the first two episodes. Still have to watch the last one. A couple things: Collapse )
Going to watch 3.03 this week, when I get the time. Hoping I like it as much as the other two.

So yeah, am still here. Will try to be better about posting something, but no promises.
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The Mentalist. Because some sort of post about 6.22 was inevitable.

Let's talk about the Mentliast, shall we. Collapse )

In other news, I watched "It's About Time" this weekend with my parents. It's a movie about a guy who can travel through time. Among other things, it's a love story. It ha narrative isses. Mostly, I just think it's all over the place, and there was no real central narrative thread. My mother thought that it was probably just impossible to tell a good love story involving time travel. "Because people like things that are realistic." My head exploded a little. And my brain started yelling, "To say Nothing of the Dog!" Over and over again. Best love story involving time travel ever.

I was too tired to have the argument then, but that is the sort of thing that just makes me a bit sad.

This may be my last update pre-vacation. So I shall see you in a couple of weeks, or so.
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I am not sure what I feel right now.

SO, Collapse )

In other news... I rewatched the first season of Castle this weekend. I'd forgotten how much I *loved* the early seasons of this show. I really do. To the extent that I considered doing a rewatch and catching up on show. Then I saw a preview of this week's episode. And I thought the better of it. Because seriously? That's where show has decided to go? At this point, the only way I'm going to be able to catch up is at some point when I'm assured a non-cliffhanger ending. Or perhaps at the end of the show, because REALLY NOW. That show has clearly gone conspiracy-mad.

But the first season is pretty much perfect. I may rewatch S2 as well.

I'm behind on Agents of SHIELD again. I feel like that is a show that I do better with if I can watch it several episodes at a time. Perhaps I will wait until the finale airs and catch back up, because I do enjoy it. (Okay, I enjoy May and Fitz-Simmons, but that totally counts.)

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Thus ends my TV roundup of sorts.

I think I may have had other things I wanted to say, but I can't remember what they are. Alas.
Black books; chance

Well, this is probably long overdue...

Not that I have much to say. It has been a rather blah past couple of months. I blame the weather.

Although, Collapse )

Elementary also continues to be fun. I don't really have anything to say, because it's its usually high-quality self.

Otherwise, I'm fairly blah. Seriously, I think it's the weather. I found myself getting more and more irritated as the humidity rose in the office today. Because oh yeah, it was about 23 degrees this afternoon. CELSIUS. I was wearing a (light) sweater. Because I foolishly assumed that the temperature would be within ten degrees of yesterday's temperature. I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER IN OTTAWA. It was so stupidly hot and uncomfortable at work. I could feel my internal rage rising. Which I had to tamp down on because I had a four o'clock meeting. And obviously the air conditioning wasn't working. Since, y'know, last week heat was a necessity. There is a pile of snow in the parking lot across the street that is still more than a story high. And tomorrow it is supposed to snow/freeze rain. All I ask is a little consistency! OR AT THE VERY LEAST SUN. Because oh yeah, it also rained half the day. I know it's April in Ontario, and so thus literaly anything is fair game (I wouldn't bat an eye at a plague of frogs at this point). But I'm finding it hard to be philosophical about it right now. No wonder half the people I know are sick.

And yeah, part of it is just me. I have been reasonably disaffected lately. I vaguely want to do things. Read. Write fic. Run around aimlessly. Go shopping. I don't even know. Restless. I feel restless. Vaguely stir crazy inside my own brain. I feel like I'm constantly searching for mental distractions of some kind. I simultaneously want to do a million things, and nothing at all. Le sigh.

I need some kind of plan. I will think on that.

Seriously, I'm even somehow simultaneously sick of all of my music. My library books are piling up again. Because I'm just not reading any of them. I've started (and subsequently abandoned) rewatches of about three shows in the last week. I need discipline. Or something.

A vacation. I'm going to Wales and London. In a month and a half.

In the interim I will glare at the weather.

And giggle at TV shows.
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Mentalist 6x16

I really enjoyed this a lot!

Show, if you are capable of doing this, why do you not do it all the time? EVERYONE worked in this.

I may have more thoughts later. I am not in the mood right now.
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To people who watch Agents of SHIELD:

Does Skye get any less annoying at some point? Because I'm catching up on eps, and I've just finished 1.09 (Repairs), and she still annoys the crap out of me.

Other things are fun, but really now.