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I am not sure what I feel right now.

SO, That episode was all kinds of delightful. For so very many reasons. Let's try and list a few.
1. Lisbon pleading the fifth and telling the prosecutor to "Go to hell."
2. Fischer at the bar with Jane just deciding to go and drink a lot of scotch (am kind of loving the ladies' method of dealing with Jane this season).
3. Wiley and Jane. I love their dynamic.
4. That hideous description involving Jane's criminal prosecution turning out to be a sting operation. I was all set to be annoyed, but then AMAZING.
5. Lisbon yelling at Jane for not letting her in on the plan. And the aborted, "I thought you..."
6. Lisbon yelling at Jane for choosing to start following orders now. It's the same conversation, but it gets it's own number, because YES. From her perspective, he never followed orders for her, and he was all nuts. From his perspective, he's trying to show her that he can work with people and is trying to learn to respect boundaries. AND JUST, I CANNOT DEAL WITH THE 18 KINDS OF WONDERFUL ASSOCIATED WTIH THAT. Even if they are operating at cross purposes while it happens.
7. Insecure!Jane wanting to know if either Fischer or Lisbon (but let's face it, relaly Lisbon) sold him out to the Feds.
8. Abbott shipping J/L and sending them on a date.
10. "And what does a girl want to hear." "I wish I knew." (THIS ALSO GETS ITS OWN NUMBER)

The one thing that grated: Lisbon hasn't seen Casablanca? REALLY? Not only does Lisbon canonically like old movies in S1, BUT Casablanca really is a very Lisbon type movie. I mean, that scene with Pike really works, and I can see her not wanting to watch it right now, because it really is a little too on the nose, BUT STILL. The main point stands.

Oh, also, Pike is irritatingly perfect. He is Bill Pullman in Sleepless in Seattle, and the only reason he doesn't work is that he isn't the romantic lead. He is the sort of perfect that irritates me. It's how I roll. Seriously, beyond the weird asking her to move to D.C. with him, he really is too perfect.

I'm loving the reboot and what it's doing. (Oh, I didn't post last week, but Cho gets a shout out for that dead on accent. Jane's look of shocked glee, and "How have I not known about THIS until right now? I could have used THIS SO MANY times at the CBI" is everything to me.) My one issue with it is that I never expected to get this much. This is an issue because I always said that if the show did something annoying as an ending (and I pretty much always assumed it would, probably something RJ-related), I would re-write it to fix it. If Lisbon decides to go to D.C., I'm not sure it's fixable. The logistics of it are just super problematic, and it'll be annoying, and yeah. I mean, I can live in a completely alternate verse (or two), and don't get me wrong, I will. But I'll always be vaguely sad.

Because the reason it won't be fixable, is that it's being so well done. In many ways (many, not ALL, not nearly ALL), it makes a lot of sense for Lisbon to go to D.C. I just, I really don't want her to.

I want both of them to be happy.


And after years of being unbelievably annoyed at Jane a lot of the time, that's big shift for me. Because I am like 80% about Lisbon.

But they just fit. And I want it.

I may not be fit for human interaction for a while if I don't get it.

(Also, I am unspoiled and aiming to stay that way.)

In other news... I rewatched the first season of Castle this weekend. I'd forgotten how much I *loved* the early seasons of this show. I really do. To the extent that I considered doing a rewatch and catching up on show. Then I saw a preview of this week's episode. And I thought the better of it. Because seriously? That's where show has decided to go? At this point, the only way I'm going to be able to catch up is at some point when I'm assured a non-cliffhanger ending. Or perhaps at the end of the show, because REALLY NOW. That show has clearly gone conspiracy-mad.

But the first season is pretty much perfect. I may rewatch S2 as well.

I'm behind on Agents of SHIELD again. I feel like that is a show that I do better with if I can watch it several episodes at a time. Perhaps I will wait until the finale airs and catch back up, because I do enjoy it. (Okay, I enjoy May and Fitz-Simmons, but that totally counts.)

SO, here is the thing. I generally HATE kidnapping plotlines. In almmost all cases. I just do. I think it's because I've read too many bad ones in fic. Ocassionally it's done well (Jane being kidnapped on the Mentalist, or if Moriarity ever decided to kidnap someone, I imagine I would enjoy that a lot). So when Watson got kidnapped two episodes ago, I was just annoyed. I still am not thrilled.

I will give credit where credit is due, it was a well done kidnapping. It wasn't traditional. Watson was far from a damsell in distress (Watson conducting surgery and trying to save a criminal's life with the tools at hand. You go girl). Watson was, in fact, her usually amazing self (I love Watson. I love Lucy Liu). Sherlock's reaction to the kidnapping was also amazing. Could not get over the momment where he informed Mycroft, with a terrifyingly cool sincerity, that if anything happened to Watson, he would murder him. And he meant it. Oh, did he.

And now probably Mycroft works for MI5, or similar. And I am of two minds about that. Because on the one hand, that does bring his character closer to canon and it makes sense. I was always vaguely disappointed with how this adaptation did Mycroft (as a potentially-lazy restauranteur). So from that perspective, I should like the twist. But I admit, I don't. I think I'd kinda grown to like the Mycroft we had, the one who seemed to like Joan, and be quietly sincere, and in touch with his feelings, basically a lot of the things Sherlock isn't. This is just weird.

What's weirdest about it is that Sherlock doesn't know. About any of it. And Mycroft didn't tell him. Given that the show has already (sort of, and in a backhanded kind of a way), put the two brothers in a weird sort of commpetition for Watson (with Sherlock playing the role of petulant child), this just doesn't quite work for me. Because if Mycroft and Sherlock are both crime-fighting, this feels a little like Mycroft is encroaching on Sherlock's turf professionally, somehow. I can't explain it. Also, if Sherlock is as good as he's supposed to be, how does he not know his brother's involved with British intelligence. I get that they don't see each other often, and that those closest to you are often those you don't see the clearest, but STILL. And what possible reason could Mycroft have for NOT TELLING Sherlock?

The whole thing is just weird. Well done weird, but weird nonetheless.

And I can't help feeling that I'd be dealing with the mini-arc a whole lot better if it hadn't started with a kidnapping.

Thus ends my TV roundup of sorts.

I think I may have had other things I wanted to say, but I can't remember what they are. Alas.


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May. 5th, 2014 04:57 pm (UTC)


And after years of being unbelievably annoyed at Jane a lot of the time, that's big shift for me. Because I am like 80% about Lisbon.

But they just fit. And I want it.

I may not be fit for human interaction for a while if I don't get it.

For the record, Cathy and I have been plotting watching the finale together when the links from the early Canadian airing come out at about 8 pm eastern, if you want to join us for the earlier viewing? I'm gonna try to set something up.

May. 6th, 2014 02:12 am (UTC)

Okay, do we know when the finale is airing? Because if the next two episodes aren't the next two Sunday's, I AM GOING TO BE IN WALES OR LONDON FOR THE FINALE AND IT WILL BE A DISASTER. If it is the next two weeks, 8pm works.

I will be seriously heartbroken. I may sulk. A LOT.
May. 5th, 2014 08:48 pm (UTC)
BASICALLY YES TO ALL. It was such an amazing episode. But I must say the ending kinda bleached my brain to be able to write anything about anything else..

I was very amused at the old movies thing -mostly because of how much attention that bit has gotten in fic over the years. I think it could be that in S1 Jane meant old movies as in movies that came out a while back, not black-and-white old. *Shrugs* I don't know.
May. 6th, 2014 02:13 am (UTC)
The ending was amazing. It really was. That and the scene at the restaurant.

The only thing is, if you say you like "old movies," almost everyone means "classic movies." No one means "movies from the 80s," for example. Something that Lisbon herself confirms by her use of the phrase in thsi episode.

I think it's more likely a little continuity error. And either way, I say Casablanca is a movie Lisbon would like. It's a movie about making tough choices, and doing what is right as opposed to what you want.
May. 12th, 2014 09:47 am (UTC)
I must say that I have enjoyed this season of Castle immensely so far. Do you mean the episode that ended Beckett's mum's murder ark as the conspiracy one? I thought that Castle was a nice example of a show which finished an arc properly over 6 seasons. So many other shows I watch start arcs and don't finish them. Having said that, I do love the 1st few seasons too. THe only one I didn't like so much was season 4.

True that I am not a great fan of kidnappings either. Thats why I wasn't a great fan of the episode in season 5 Castle where Castle's daughter was kidnapped because I didn't want the show going there. I could have done without it on Elementary but I suppose as a one off plot, it was alright.
Yes, kinda weird that Sherlock didn't even guess that Mycroft was working for MI5 but could it be because they were in 2 different continents? I am sure that if Sherlock was back in England, he would have known. But it seems that Mycroft was working there for over a decade and Sherlock didn't know even when he was in England which is strange unless of course he saw Mycroft sparsely.
Anyway, this didn't bother me that much compared so some of my other shows which seemed to have a few plot holes here and there this week.

I thought that AoS has gotten so much better since it started. My favorite characters are May, Coulson and then Simmons. I won't say more in case you haven't watched the latest eps but they are strongly recommended.
May. 13th, 2014 03:40 am (UTC)
I did mean the episode ending Beckett's mom's murder arc. I was sick of that arc two years ago. I just got sick of all the conspiracy. It is still a show that I might catch up on, but we shall see. I do plan on rewatching S2 at some point soonish. And possibly S3, since I also own that one. I think S5 was the episode where I kind of drifted away. Not because I was hugely angry at it, it just stopped being must-watch TV.

Elementary is one of the better done kidnappings, to be honest. I think part of my hatred is a direct result to the sheer amount of really bad Criminal Minds kidnapping fic and the really bad Mentalist kidnapping fict that got written. I generally don't like it as a plot device though.

I can kind of get around Sherlock not knowing Mycroft was a spy, mostly because Mycroft wasn't a spy for the entire ten years. He did stop for a while. And they weren't close at all. But it's still weird. I don't think there were plot holes, just that they chose a plot I'm not wild about.

Those are pretty much my favourite characters on Agents of SHIELD. I think I'm going to wait until after the finale and catch up. It's not a show I'm super invested in, but it is a show I kind of enjoy watching a bunch of episodes in a row. So, post-finale, when I am less busy, and things calm down at work/in my life, I will catch up. Probably in June.
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